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Episode 4: How to brand yourself part 2

In this episode… Kevin James, KRGN In this episode, my good friend, Kevin James and I get caught up on some...

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Episode 3: Is it ministry or is it a business?

In this episode… James and Regyna Cooper are the founders of Maxser Group In this episode, I sit down with James...

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Episode 2: How to brand Yourself

In this episode… Kyla Simone, Artist and Founder of Girls and Guitars We spoke to Kyla Simone, Artist and Founder of...

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Episode 1: What is branding and Why do we need it?

In this episode… Nate Sakany, Founder and President of Incubator Creative Group We spoke to Nate Sakany, Founder and President of...

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Kyla Simone

Kyla Simone

James and Regyna cooper

James and Regyna Cooper

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